Yves Rocher - Christmas haul

I´ve always loved this brand of products...its secret? Silicon free, coloring free, parabens free. More? The ingredients are all natural and vegetal. No more words.Oh...they don´t taste on animals! These were my last shopping goodies:

Shapoo and conditioner: With jojoba oils coming from biologic agriculture, it helps to nourish in depth the damages ofour hair. I have the tips quite open so I hope this will help me to repare them! (at least it smells awesome!)

Cream with gel texture: It matifies and gives uniformity to the skin. The Baïkal Powder is one of its main ingredients. It smells great: sweet cucumber with a subtone of apple...my sense of smell is a marvel.

Vanilla body cream: Shea butter, sweet almond oil and vegetable glycerin. It smells like cotton candy, but not too sickeningly sweet. I have it for two months more or less and it is my favourite one till the day.

Exfoliating bubble for bath- Vanilla
Hand cream- Spicy Vanilla (mini-gift from the house)
Eau de toilette: Apple delight (hmmm delicious!)


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